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Raising your visibility through committee work

02/29/2024 12:30 PM  - 2:00 PM 
Event location:
  • Online
  • Graduate Academy
  • Talk
Target groups:
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Junior Research Group Leaders
  • Postdocs

Language: English.

Researchers aiming for a leading position in academia are often faced with a dilemma: the so-called rush-hour of life. They are expected to distinguish themselves in the academic field, publish excellent papers and successfully obtain third-party funding, while at the same time juggling work and family life. Not surprisingly, many regard requests to join a panel (and thus an internal positioning) as an additional burden whose benefits are uncertain.


  • When participating in university panels can be beneficial.
  • Which pitfalls one should be aware of.
  • How to successfully position oneself (including one’s own agenda) in such a context.


  • Talk with discussion, questions & answers


Participants must be prepared to work via Zoom (the link will be sent about a week before the event). You will need your own computer with appropriate Internet access as well as a camera, a microphone, and speakers.

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Event location:



Graduate Academy


Dr. Isabelle Schulze
Universität Kassel
Stabsstelle Forschungs- und Graduiertenförderung
0561-804 1968
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Dr. Beate Scholz

Dr. Scholz works internationally as a strategy consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach at universities and research institutions. She previously worked at the German Research Foundation (DFG) as Head of Scientific Careers and Promotion of Young Researchers.

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