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Love Data Week 2024- HeFDI Info Snacks

DFG-requirements, autom. transcription, Gitlab, ELNs, etc.
02/12/2024 12:00 PM  - 02/16/2024 1:00 PM 
Event location:
  • Online
  • Forschungsdaten-Service
  • Event series
Target groups:
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Professors
  • Scientific staff
  • Scientists
  • Project responsibles
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All presentations will be given online and free of charge. No need to register, free access at: https://webconf.hrz.uni-marburg.de/c/ort-qe8-qmy-sjb

Talks will be given in english or german, see details below.


Programm Overview

Date Info-Snack 1: 12.00 - 12.30 Info-Snack 2: 12.30 - 13.00 Info-Snack 3: 13.00 - 13.35


12th February 2024

Introduction to Research Data Management and DFG-requirements (EN)

Dr. Ortrun Brand, Philipps-University Marburg

RDM at UAS in Germany, The results of EVER_FDM (DE)

Robert Werth, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences



13th February 2024

SAN DMP results (DE)

Stephanie Werner, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Creating Data Management Plans with RDMO (EN)

Good research data management starts with planning and RDMO supports researchers in this planning process with a structured interview. Learn more about RDMO in this talk.

Jürgen Windeck, TU Darmstadt

noScribe – automated transcription, local, free, and open source (DE)

Dr. Kai Dröge, Goethe-University Frankfurt


14th February 2024

GitLab (EN)

Dr. Christian Berger, Philipps-University Marburg

JupyterHub (EN)

Dr. Christian Berger, Philipps-University Marburg




15th February 2024

A Guide to Electronic Lab Noteboks (DE)

Dr. Birte Cordes, Uni Kassel

Electronic Lab Notebook eLabFTW (EN)

Hüseyin Uzun, Goethe-University Frankfurt



16th February 2024

HeFDI repositories: Your place to publish and archive research data (EN)

Research data repositories are essential tools to allow researchers to archive and publish research data. This talk will introduce research data repositories with a special focus on HeFDI repositories and TUdatalib from TU Darmstadt.

Dr. Andreas Geissner, TU Darmstadt

Digitizing Scientific Collections (DE)

Alexander Maul, Philipps-University Marburg

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