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Basics of Science Communication

01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024
Event location:
  • Online
  • Graduate Academy
  • E-Learning
Target groups:
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Employees
  • Postdocs


Language: English.

This basic course focuses on topics such as the dimensions of science communication, the interplay between stakeholders and target groups and dealing with the media. The learning units are modular. The content is varied and includes animations and videos. The E-Learning can be accessed online at any time and can be flexibly integrated into everyday working and studying life.


  • What is science communication?
  • Actors and their roles in external science communication
  • Dimensions of science communication (target groups, topics, media, style and goal)
  • Science and media
  • Trust in science
  • Media skills


E-Learning with six modules and final assessment.


To participate, you will need a laptop/PC with internet access.You will also need an account on the wisskom-campus.de platform. After your successful registration you will receive the link for participation.
Additional Terms of Use: With your registration, you accept the use of specified platforms/tools and the possibly necessary provision of specified data (name and email address). Additionally, the guarantee of the technical requirements is made by the participants themselves.

Attention: You will receive a link to a bilingual course. After your registration on wisskom-campus.de you can switch the language to english.

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Event location:



Graduate Academy


Gianna Dalfuß
University of Kassel
Graduate Academy
Coordination of interdisciplinary doctoral training | Kassel Graduate Program
0561 804 2427
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