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ERC Starting Grant and Consolidator Grant - Informational Event

28.05.2024 14:00 Uhr - 15:00 Uhr
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This event can count as part of Module 1 of the certifying program "Development and management of research projects" (EMF).

Event language: englisch


Online introduction seminar on how to successfully apply for ERC Starting Grant & Consolidator Grant with Katharina Spannhake from KoWi.

In this informational event you will learn more about the funding scheme and get some insights into the application procedure. There will be also time for your questions.

The European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi) provides information on funding opportunities for researchers in Horizon Europe, among others regarding ERC Starting and Consolidator Grants (https://www.kowi.de/en/kowi/about-kowi/about-kowi-1/about-kowi-2.aspx).

The EU has been funding basic and frontier research in Europe through the European Research Council (ERC) since 2007. Special features of ERC funding include, in particular, scientific autonomy in the design of the funding lines, the thematic openness of the calls and the funding of individual researchers. In Horizon Europe, the ERC is  located within the first pillar named "Excellent Science". Researchers of any nationality and from all scientific disciplines are eligible to apply to the ERC, which provides several funding lines with different target groups, among others:

  • ERC Starting Grants for researchers in a time window of 2 - 7 years after the PhD

  • ERC Consolidator Grants for researchers in a time window of 7 - 12 years after the PhD

For preparation see also: https://www.kowi.de/en/kowi/Horizon-Europe/Excellent-Science/erc/european-research-council-erc.aspx, https://erc.europa.eu/apply-grant/starting-grant and https://erc.europa.eu/apply-grant/consolidator-grant.


  • ERC Grants - What's it all about?
  • What needs to be considered?
  • What is funded?
  • Who is eligible?
  • Application procedure
  • Tips and tricks


To participate, you will need a laptop/PC with a camera, microphone and internet access. The Zoom platform as well as other tools will be used during the workshop and you will receive the link to the online platform a few days prior to the event.

Additional Terms of Use

With your registration, you accept the use of specified platforms/tools and the possibly necessary provision of specified data (name and email address). Additionally, the guarantee of the technical requirements is made by the participants themselves.

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Stabsstelle Forschungs- und Graduiertenförderung, Graduiertenakademie


Dr. Malgorzata Siennicka-Rahmstorf
Universität Kassel
Stabstelle Forschungs- und Graduiertenförderung
Projekt Koordinatorin
+49 561 804-2240
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Katharina Spannhake

Katharina Spannhake studied French Cultural Studies and Politics & Society. She has been working at KoWi since 2021 as an adviser for the ERC and MSCA funding lines. She is also responsible for science communication and public relations.

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