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Performing Under Pressure

19.11.2024 9:00 Uhr - 17:00 Uhr
  • Universität Kassel
  • Bootshaus Universität Kassel
  • Graduiertenakademie
  • Workshop
  • Promovierende/Doktoranden

Language: English.

Presentations can be stressful for professionals in academia, particularly for women and non-binary individuals who face unique challenges. These include intimidation in male-dominated fields, conflicting communication expectations, and a lack of confidence and support that hinders them from fully owning their expertise. Research indicates that, while imposter syndrome affects all genders, women and non-binary people are more adversely impacted.

This workshop employs unique techniques and exercises from the theater to help participants explore, define, and redefine their professional roles. It offers new strategies to transform stress and pressure into energy and motivation, empowering them to present their work confidently.


  • Identifying and rewriting personal/professional narratives
  • Reframing self-criticism and negativity
  • Handling outer critics and Q&As
  • Techniques for managing pressure and stress
  • Presentation skills
  • Body language, power posing, and voicework


  • meaningful practice
  • individual and group activities
  • theater-based and transformational coaching-based exercises




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Francesca Carlin

Francesca Carlin is an American communication trainer and personal coach with over a decade of experience. She has helped professionals improve public speaking, develop presence, and practice mindful communication in Russia, the U.S., Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A trained actress with a theater education from Boston and Harvard University, Francesca uses acting techniques to help clients overcome personal barriers and become more effective communicators. Her unique approach combines the best practices from communication skills development and theater.

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