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15.07.2024 - 14.10.2024
15.10.2024 - 14.01.2025
15.01.2025 - 14.04.2025
15.04.2025 - 14.07.2025
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Language: English.

Our new e-learning platform makes it possible to access learning content flexibly, regardless of time and place, and to gain specific qualifications in key areas of competence.

The learning platform currently has over 40 courses available and is constantly being expanded and updated. The offer naturally includes "bestsellers" such as Presentation Skills, Science Communication, Time Management or Leadership. But also new, in-demand areas such as Agility, Design Thinking, or Mental Health are being offered.

The e-learning courses are offered in two formats: “Deep Dive" courses are courses with a learning duration of 2-3 hours. Here, a topic is presented in detail. "Nuggets", on the other hand, concentrate on the specific teaching of a technique or method. Those who choose a nugget do not have to allow for more than 20 minutes of learning time.

Those who want to familiarise themselves independently and autonomously with new topics and fields of competence are well provided for with the extensive course portfolio. After course completion, you can download a certificate. Furthermore, regular live formats offer the opportunity to exchange ideas on course content, applying methods or addressing individual questions, which are then answered by experts. Another focus is on transdisciplinary and cross-locational networking within the science community. These live sessions are 55min and are offered 2-4 times per week. You’ll get a monthly overview of the upcoming live classes.


To participate, you will need a laptop/PC with a camera, microphone and internet access.
Additional Terms of Use: With your registration, you accept the use of the platform provided by our partner organization TwentyOneSkills and the necessary provision of specified data (name and email address). Additionally, the guarantee of the technical requirements is made by the participants themselves.

How to get acces

Option 1: You can book a license for three months including full access to the whole offer for free. First period will start on 15 July 2024 and will last until 14 October 2024. Second will start on 15 October and will last until 14 January 2025. Third from 15 January 2025 to 14 April 2025 and fourth from 15 April 2025 to 14 July 2025.

Option 2: It is also possible to get access for one year. This will start whenever you book it. If you choose this option, you have to pay 40 €.

After you have chosen an option and registered for it we will send your mail adress to our partner organization TwentyOneSkills. They will send you the login data.

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Gianna Dalfuß
Universität Kassel
Koordination der überfachlichen Promovierendenausbildung | Kasseler Graduiertenprogramm
0561 804 2427
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